Bob Byerley The Incredible Shrinking Machine

The boys and girls in this Bob Byerley print have created The Incredible Shrinking Machine.  Their imaginations will keep them busy through the summer.

Bob Byerley says: "Step right up Ladies and Gentlemen and kids of all ages. Behold, before your very eyes, Professor Dunbar's amazing, fantastic, unbelievable, remarkable and otherwise "Incredible Shrinking Machine".

Artie Dunbar had pulled off the truly bestest coup of the entire summer. He had worked from dawn to dusk for over a month in his grandmother's backyard, creating an incredible machine that he had promised, would shrink a human being a zillion percent and then, when reversed, would bring them back to full size with no, I repeat, "no" awful side effects whatsoever!

On that never to be forgotten August the eight morning, Professor Artie Dunbar and three of his most trusted laboratory assistants gave the first ever live demonstration of the  "Incredible Shrinking Machine".

The little kids in the neighborhood were amazed, mystified, and in total awe of my friend Artie Dunbar for the rest of that wonderful summer."

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Comes in a limited edition unframed image size of 32" x 24".  

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