Bob Byerley The Inciser Surpriser

In Bob Byerley's print THE INCISER SURPRISER a little boy is going to play a prank on his dentist using Chiclets in place of his teeth.  Think he will fool the dentist?

Bob Byerley says:  “I wish I could have been there to see the look on Doc Stites’ face when Artie Dunbar, (the un-disputed George Washington Elementary School champion of hijinks and practical jokes) pulled his now famous “Chiclets” escapade. To this day, Doc tells the story of how Artie smuggled the chewing gum into his office for his never fail, once every six month cavity and “how many times a day do you brush“ checkup. Artie‘s now in his middle forties with three kids of his own and Old Doc still calls him “The Incisor Surpriser“!” 

This print is signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Comes in a limited edition unframed image size of 24" x 30". 

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