Bob Byerley Up and Over

In UP AND OVER Bob Byerley has used the imagination of three creative children to build every kid's dream go-cart.  Pieced together with lots of scavenged treasures, this racer is ready to go.

Bob Byerley says:  "I was a child before the age of TV, and therefore a large amount of my time was devoted to building wonderful things such as miniature golf courses, club houses and an array of scooters, go carts and other vehicles. Parts for these machines were scavenged from local dumps,   Basements and garages. The most exciting part of these adventures was the initial test run; usually done on the highest neighborhood hill. In the painting Up And Over I've tried to capture the thrill of anticipation as the home made racer tops Murphy's Hill for the first time. Remembering back to my lack of daring I have pictured myself as the cart pusher and my two younger cousins as the test pilots."

Available in two different sizes.

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