Bruce Miller Loon Point

The mist is just clearing off the lake as a loon flaps its wings near a rocky point in the Bruce Miller print LOON POINT.  Unlike most other birds, loons have solid rather than hollow bones which makes flying harder for them.  The extra body weight makes it difficult for them to take flight, requiring them to vigorously flap their wings while running across as much as a quarter mile of open water before becoming airborne.

Bruce Miller says:  "On the Minnesota Walleye Opener, we always go up to Ely and camp out on an area lake. Sometimes the weather is good, sometimes its terrible. But we usually have a good time and I get some good spring shots of the fabulous north country. Notice the nesting loon on the left side of the point."

This print is available for purchase as a signed and numbered limited edition in an unframed image size of 26" x 17".

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