Dave Barnhouse Perfect Photo

This Dave Barnhouse art print shows two riders getting the PERFECT PHOTO of their trophy and their Harley Davidson motorcycle taken in front of a cycle shop. 

"In this landmark image, the artist captures a magic moment. The day's poker run is over. The crowd has wandered on home. The shop stands silent under the circling summer moon. Win or lose, all contestants have been awarded that special satisfaction of riding for the winning hand. For a select few, however, it is time to pose proudly with their Harley-Davidson..."

This painting was originally entitled PICTURE PERFECT.  But after all the Harley Davidson branding and logos were removed from the print, it was renamed PERFECT PHOTO.  This great print is available for purchase at a very good price.

The open edition art print is available in an unframed image size of 23" x 14".  


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