Dave Barnhouse Small Town Service

A motorcyclist stops in at Pop's Indian Sales and Service shop for a short visit.  A nostalgic look back at small town Americana.

"Few occasions in a young man's life compare with the excitement of owning his first motorcycle.  In "Small Town Service" the artist looks back to an earlier era and captures all the quiet pride, all the nostalgia surrounding such a memorable event. The young man has gone out for an evening ride on his shiny red Indian. The first stop is Pop's Sales and Service, where he lets Pop's grandkids try the controls and admire the chrome.  Soon the young man will roar away down the road, Pop will turn off the lights, and close up.  Returning home, he will hear in his memory the fading sound of the big Indian and remember when he, too, felt the cool breeze of the open road."

This print is signed and comes in an unframed image size of 27" x 16.5".

Type: Print-Signed

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