Dave Barnhouse Spring Cleaning

Three generations of the boys in the family get together to wash their car and motorcycles on this hot summer day in the Dave Barnhouse art print Spring Cleaning.

"It's an early spring evening outside the family owned neighborhood grocery store.  One of the owners is proudly washing his two Indian motorcycles, and Grandpa has stopped by to polish up his old Chevrolet.  'I remember this being known as ‘wash day’', the artist comments. 'It was a fun family activity.  You could bet someone would get wet!  Operating a water hose was an irresistible temptation and on this occasion father is sprayed by his daughter, probably egged on by Grandpa!  And as one son carefully cleans a front fender, his brother, hanging from an overhead branch, is playfully engaged in what we called 'deviling"'.

The signed edition art print is available for purchase in an unframed image size of 25.5" 'x 17". 

Type: Print-Signed

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