David Maass Autumn Haven- Wood Ducks

In the David Maass print AUTUMN HAVEN, the wood ducks take shelter in a slough as the storm clouds begin to gather overhead.

"Unlike most waterfowl, the wood duck is found nearly any place where there is water.  The background used in this original oil shows off the many areas where you are likely to see this beautiful duck." - David A. Maas

Unlike other ducks, the wood duck has strong claws which can grab on to bark and which enables them to perch and nest in trees.  They are also the only North American duck that typically produces two broods of ducklings every year.  Since they are cavity nesters, nest boxes have been very successful with wood ducks.

This great wildlife print is available for purchase as an open edition in an unframed image size of 15" 'x 10".


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