David Maass Autumn Orchard-Ruffed Grouse

A David Maass Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Print--Autumn Orchard--Ruffed Grouse.  These game birds have found shelter and food near the trees of an apple orchard.

"Hunting of the ruffed grouse can be challenging. This is because the grouse spends most of its time in thick brush, aspen stands, and second growth pines. It is also very hard to detect a foraging grouse bobbing about in the thicket due to their camouflage. With adequate snow cover they will burrow under the snow. Like other forest creatures, the ruffed grouse will maintain trails through the underbrush and pines. These can often be found by looking for the feathers of the bird on the ground and on twigs at the edges of its trail. Hunting of the ruffed grouse requires a good ear and lots of stamina as you will be constantly walking and listening for them in the leaves." – Joseph B. Barney

This limited edition game bird print comes with a certificate of authenticity in an unframed image size of 27" x 18".

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