George Kovach American Classic

In the George Kovach print AMERICAN CLASSIC a rain shower has forced small town activities indoors.   A couple sharing a soda at the Rexall Drug Store and the Realto Theater with a showing of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause remind us a time when things seemed less hurried and less complicated.

"The fabulous fifties burst into America bringing a period of history that left a multitude of memories of a special time.  Bikes were envied, and souped up cars were to be reckoned with while cruising         downtown on Saturday night. Pony tailed girls in their poddle skirts and boys in their rolled up blue jeans were the style. James Dean was hot at the movies. Burgers, fries, and Cherry Coke were the food of choice,  while we twisted and bopped to the sounds of rock and roll. I hope I have painted a portrait for each of you who lived in this era and helped to create a moment of this 'American Classic'." -- George Kovach 

This print is signed, numbered and is a collector's edition.

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